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Morganite is the light pink to violet-pink variety of beryl. Since beryl is most famous for being the mineral group that green emerald belongs to, pink morganite is sometimes referred to as 'pink emerald'.Its color can range from pale pink to violet, salmon or peach. Along with other beryls, morganite has very good hardness.Morganite is usually quite clean, unlike emerald which tends to be heavily included. In most cases, morganite can be easily distinguished from other pink stones by its brilliance and luster, combined with its hardness, durability and excellent clarity.Large stones will typically exhibit stronger colors. A pure pink morganite is considered most desirable but more recently, peachy and salmon colored stones have been in very high demand. There is also a rare magenta colored morganite from Madagascar that is highly sought after by collectors.

  • Mohss Scale Hardness- 8
  • Origin-  Brazil, Madagascar, Afghanistan, China,Russia, Zimbabwe and the USA
Source: Wikipedia


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