Cats eye


Chrysoberyl cat's eye is a gemstone quality variety of beryllium aluminum oxide which exhibits a rare optical trait known as 'chatoyancy'. Chrysoberyl cat's eye is typically found in shades of lemon and lime, ranging from greenish yellow to light honey. It can also occur in attractive shades of mint-green to darker brownish-green. Typically, lighter, golden colored stones are considered most desirable. Cat's eye is often translucent to opaque, owing to the presence of natural needle-like inclusions. However, in most cases, since the inclusions are responsible for the desirable cat's eye effect, the reduced level of transparency does not affect the stone's overall value. Cat's eye chrysoberyl typically has an attractive vitreous luster.

  • Mohs Scale Hardness- 8.5
  • Origin-  Brazil, China, India, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Burma (Myanmar), India, Tanzania, Madagascar, Pakistan, Russia and the United States.
Source: Wikipedia


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